Simply the Best Physician Billing Service for Part D Covered Vaccines

  • Simple Medicare Part D Vaccine BIlling
  • Check Patient Part D Eligibility
  • Displays Product Specific Co-Payment
  • Bill for ALL Part D Vaccines

TransactRx Part D Vaccine Manager is the nation's leading physician billing service for healthcare providers to overcome the billing and reimbursement challenges associated with administering vaccines covered by Medicare Part D to their patients.

Standard physician billing systems and third party physician medical billing services do not provide the necessary pharmacy benefit billing functionality required for Part D vaccines. TransactRx provides the physician billing solutions needed for a successful adult vaccination program.

With Vaccine Manager, providers no longer need to file paper claims or ask their patients to pay full costs out of pocket and then try and get reimbursed.

Our easy to use web based physician billing system enables providers to determine if a patient has Medicare Part D coverage, which Part D plan to bill, the exact amount of patient financial responsibility for a specific vaccine and the amount the provider will be reimbursed. All before the vaccine is administered to the patient.

TransactRx Part D Provider Network

By signing one contract with TransactRx a healthcare provider immediately is enabled to submit claims as an out-of-network provider for any Medicare Part D covered vaccine to all TransactRx contracted Medicare Part D plans.

  • Simple online enrollment process
  • Credentialing and acceptance into network in less than 48 hours.
  • TransactRx is contracted with Medicare Part D plans that represent over 90% of all Medicare Part D covered lives.
  • Includes ALL Part D covered vaccines
  • Favorable negotiated reimbursement rates for all Part D covered vaccines.

Complete Physician Billing Solutions and Payment Management System for Part D Vaccines

The TransactRx Part D Vaccine Manager provides all the features necessary for Part D vaccine billing for Physicians.

  • Check patient eligibility and determine the appropriate Part D Plan to bill
  • The system displays the amount of co-payment the patient needs to make
  • With one click the claim is submitted in real time to the Part D Plan
  • Acceptance of the claim and the amount to be paid to provider is displayed in real time
  • Check on the status of payments for outstanding claims.
  • Payments are made to providers twice a month via ACH
  • Complete reporting is available to track and manage claims and payments

TransactRx is the leader for all vaccine related physician billing solutions. We make physicians billing for vaccines simple and profitable! Contact us now or schedule an online demo for more information.