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TransactRx - National Leader of Medical Billing Companies Specializing in Vaccines

TransactRx is a leading provider of billing and transaction processing solutions for physician offices, health departments, pharmacies and any other health care providers that administer vaccines. Our Cross-Benefit Clearinghouse platform seamlessly integrates the nation’s real-time pharmacy claim switching and batch medical claim clearinghouse infrastructures.

Our online medical billing software helps determine what you will be paid and what your patient is required to pay before you administer any vaccine. Once the vaccine is administered we make the billing, claims management and payment process as quick and simple as possible

To date medical billing companies have not stayed current with the needs of their customers to bill for vaccines covered by Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Payers. Our medical billing software fills this gap and provides a complete billing solution for all types of providers.

Best Medical Billing Solutions for Vaccines

TransactRx's Vaccine Manager medical billing software was designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of billing for the administration of vaccines covered by any and all types of insurance coverage. Our easy to use software has simplified all of the complex billing and coding rules associated with the administration of vaccines for any an all vaccinations including: billing to Medicare Part D, Medicare Part B, Medicaid, Vaccines for Children and Commercial Payers.

The TransactRx web based medical billing software is the solution for any organization wanting to create a profitable vaccination program or looking for a way to allow third party billing for vaccinations. Unlike medical billing companies that are broad and cover a range of billing services, TransactRx is the nation’s leader for vaccine billing and reimbursement. We know that Vaccines are Good Medicine and Good Business and that is why we developed an easy to use web based solution to enable healthcare providers to establish a profitable vaccination program, help more patients and increase patient loyalty. To learn more about how we can help your organization schedule a demo or contact us now!

How to obtain your eventbrite organizer ID ?
No: Enrollment can be limited to physicians who want to participate. more »
If physicians within the practice have a different TAX ID, do they need to enroll separately?
Yes: Physicians practicing out of the same location, but who are paid under a different TAX ID are recognized as separate entities for enrollment and payment purposes. A separate Site enrollment is required for each TAX ID that will be used to submit claims. more »
Can I make changes to the contract?
No: The contract terms and conditions are tied to the terms and conditions we have with third party payers. Changes to the provider contract would violate these terms. more »
Do I need to send copies of my DEA, malpractice insurance, or other information in order to execute the contract?
No: The information captured online during the enrollment process is validated based on the information entered. There is no need to submit further hard copies of this information. If regulations change, or if you begin to administer vaccines or medications that are considered controlled substances, we may ask for copies of information at that time. more »
How will I know how much I will be paid for each Vaccine?
As with medical professional fees, reimbursement varies by plan. The amount you will receive for each vaccine is displayed when you submit a Coverage Inquiry. The patients responsibility will be displayed at the same time. The Vaccine Manager Help menu will provide an overview of contract terms by plan, but this information is general in nature and not specific to plan coverage.more »
Does a beneficiary have to pay for Medicare Part D benefits?
Most plans have a monthly premium requirement. The amount of the premium is usually depended on the type of plan selected. Lower deductible plans with fewer formulary restrictions will usually result in a higher monthly premium. more »