Cross-Benefit Healthcare
Transaction Services

Enabling Current and Future

Reimbursement and Delivery Models

TransactRx has developed and operates a unique transaction platform in the healthcare marketplace it has named the Cross Benefit Clearinghouse. This highly scalable, fault tolerate transaction platform seamlessly integrates the national NCPDP based real-time pharmacy switching and PBM based transaction infrastructure and the national X12 based batch medical claim clearinghouse and payer infrastructure.

Medicare Part D
Vaccine Billing

TransactRx enables medical professionals to bill for Part D-covered vaccines with minimal time and effort. Our service is designed for physician offices, health departments, visiting nurses as well as all other medical providers who administer vaccines covered by Medicare Part D.

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Pharmacy Medical Billing

Use your existing pharmacy billing software to submit claims and manage reimbursement for influenza, pneumonia , shingles and all other adult and pediatric vaccines covered under medical benefits. Supports billing of all medical services administered at the pharmacy.

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Medical Billing Services

TransactRx offers the most cost effective complete billing solution for Pediatric vaccines, Adult vaccines and healthcare services. With one easy to use web based medical billing software application you can bill Medicare Part B, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Medicaid VFC and commercial payers for any vaccine or healthcare service

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Pharmacy Claim Adjudication

The TransactRx cloud based pharmacy claim adjudication platform can be used by used by Discount Rx Card companies, Copay Assistance Programs, Private Label PBMs or any entity that requires claim processing and adjudication services and does not want to outsource control to a PBM.

Batch NCPDP Claim Processing

Support for any volume of batch claims processing for NCPDP or X12 837 submission. TransactRx accepts batch files in any format for conversion to NCPDP D.0 or X12 837 standards and submission in real time to any PBM or as batch 837 to any medical payer.

Eligibility and Claim API

TransactRx offers a REST API with a large number of endpoints supporting both pharmacy and medical eligibility and claims submission. Eligibility includes Medicare Part D and Medicare Part B.